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MagGenome is primarily focused on the development of magnetic nanoparticles based products. The current initiatives include developing nucleic acid extraction kits using our patented Magnetic Nanoparticles-based technology. The company has developed DNA extraction kits under the brand name XpressDNA and affinity resins under the brand name XpressAffinity. Most of the pipeline products are a result of academic research conducted over the years.

MagGenome is a great example of academic research being translated into a commercial venture. We have filed various patents and published high quality papers which helped us to have strong IP protection over our products .Our initial products were focused on biomolecule extraction and protein purification which helped us to enter fields like Next Generation Sequencing and biomarker-based diagnostics. Currently, MagGenome is exploring other biological and engineering applications of magnetic nanoparticles where our products can provide simpler alternatives to existing products.

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My lab used the Protein A and Protein G magnetic nanoparticles from MagGenome Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The performance of the product is at par with other similar products that we used so  far in our lab. Since these products are magnetic nanoparticle based, the process is not dependent on centrifugation or other time consuming steps. The performance of the product in immuno-precipitation is excellent

Dr. S. Asha Nair,

Scientist F, RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
We are using the XpressAffinity Protein A/G beads from MagGenome Technologies for immuno-precipitation and getting consistent data. It is performing well in our experience.The product is very easy to handle and avoids tedious steps. There is absolutely no bead loss during the process and the results are very consistent and reproducible. We are very happy with the performance of the product.

Dr. Priya S.

Scientist, CSIR- National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (CSIR- NIIST), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Magnetic Nano particles (MNP) supplied by Maggenome to us made quite a difference in performing our IP assays. These magnetic Nanoparticles were homogeneous with the colour of the particle quite distinct from the biological materials and hence we could easily visualise the separation. The time consumed for the process was less, unlike traditional methods (that requires centrifugation). The magnetic stand design is compact, equipped to hold the microfuge tubes firmly avoiding accidental spillage. The handling the Nano particles is quite easy and does not require much precaution. The results were comparable with the conventional IP methods using agarose beads.

Dr. Angayarkanni Narayanasamy

Vision Research Foundation, Chennai.
My lab works on AbResistance and isolating R Plasmids without genomic DNA contamination, was a great issue.We wanted plasmid DNA without genomic DNA contamination as we wanted to check resistance gene on plasmid. We tried the plasmid isolation kit (Cat. No. – MG18Pl-25) and are extremely happy to get good plasmid yield. Moreover there is no genomic DNA contamination in it. We also used bacterial genomic DNA isolation kit (Cat. No. – MG18Ba-25). DNA is really pure and can be used for NGS and routine PCR work. Both plasmid isolation kit and bacterial genomic DNA isolation kit are fabulous, fast and efficient. Highly satisfied.

Dr. Devarshi Gajjar,

MS University, Gujarat.