About Us

Co-Founder & CSO

Dr. Ramchand has a rich industrial and academic background in the field of drug discovery, nanotechnology and nutraceuticals. He has held key leadership roles in industries such as India Director & World Wide Executive Member at Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt. Ltd., India and Vice President & Head of New Drug Discovery (biological) Research Programme at Sun Pharma Advances Research Centre (SPARC) India. He has also held the position of Joint Co-ordinator and Head, Laboratory Research Program at Biomedical Sciences, University of Sheffield and Northern General Hospital Sheffield, UK, a prestigious University Position. Prior to this, he was the Sr. Scientist and Project Head at the Institute of Biological Psychiatry at University of Wales, Bangor, UK.

He has also worked as Senior Research Officer at the Biochemistry Department, University of North Wales, Bangor, UK. He has over 25 years of rich experience in the areas of teaching, basic research, Drug Discovery Programme and Disease Mechanism, guiding M.Sc./Ph.D. students and setting up research facility. Dr. Ramchand has closely worked on several molecules and many of these are at different stages of clinical trials. Dr. Ramchand has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, edited 5 books, has over 40 patents either issued or in process.


MagGenome is primarily focused on the development of Magnetic nano Particles based products. The current initiatives include developing nucleic acid extraction kits using our patented magnetic nano particles-based technology. The company has developed DNA extraction kits under the brand name “XpressDNA™” and affinity resins under the brand name “XpressAffinity™”. MagGenome will also focus on other applications of magnetic nanoparticles in near future for providing solutions in the areas of diagnostics, therapeutics, and environmental remediation.

Our Mission

To develop tools using Magnetic Nanoparticles for various applications in the field of life science catering to the needs of academic and research institutions as well as healthcare providers and engineering.

Most of the pipeline products are a result of academic research conducted over the years. MagGenome is a typical case of academic research being translated into a commercial venture. In the initial months itself, we have filed various patents and published high-quality papers which not only helped us to have a strong IP protection over our products but also gave time to analyze commercial aspects of our technologies.

Our initial products were focused on key markets like Bio-molecule extraction and protein purification which helped us to enter fields like Next Generation Sequencing and biomarker-based diagnostics. Currently, MagGenome is exploring other biological and engineering applications of magnetic nano particles where our products can provide simpler alternatives to existing products.

Prof. Ada Yonath with MagGenome Team