Effective MNP technology for stool DNA extraction using our “XpressDNA Stool Kit”


March, 2022

stool dna kit

Effective MNP technology for stool DNA extraction using our “XpressDNA Stool Kit”

While faeces/stool isn’t the most pleasant sample to work with, it contains a wealth of information about human health and biology. Numerous researchers have described its association with a number of health benefits related to pathogen protection, nutrition, metabolism, and immune functions. In the last decade, the number of human microbiome studies has increased, with the majority of them focusing on faecal samples.

Microbiome research relies heavily on the microbial genomic DNA discovered in faeces samples. Even though scientists are constantly developing DNA extraction technology, there are still significant hurdles in sample purification. Because faeces samples differ from saliva or other microbiome samples it can be difficult to handle for the following reasons:

  • They usually have a high bacterial load, with a large proportion of gram-positive bacteria that are difficult to lyse.
  • Biased microbial lysis, contamination with PCR inhibitors, and changes in the faecal matter are among the obstacles.
  • Stool samples are high in inhibitors and interfering chemicals, which, if not effectively removed, might have impact on downstream activities.

What to consider when extracting and preparing faeces samples?







Magnetic Nanoparticle (MNPs) based Method ·         Effective lysis of both gram positive and negative bacteria

·         Large surface area of (MNPs) ensures higher yield

·         Reduced contaminations due to very less tube transfers during the procedure

·         Slightly long processing time compared to other methods


Spin Column Method ·         Reproducible

·         High purity DNA

·         More centrifugation step required

·         Small surface area of silica-based column leads to lower yield

Comparison of Spin column method with Magnetic nanoparticle technology

Many existing methods for extracting DNA from faeces samples are based on bead beating and heavily rely on mechanical lysis of bacterial cells. This impacts the yield and leads to recovery of excessively sheared DNA. The quality of the DNA is important for library preparation in gut microbiome investigations. An appropriate extraction process ensures the recovery of DNA suitable for the any sequencing platform without bias.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to pick the right extraction process.

XpressDNA stool kit

The XpresssDNA stool kit uses our patented magnetic nanoparticle technology eliminates the need for bead beating step by using an effective combination of chemical and mechanical lysis. This ensures efficient and equal lysis of both gram positive and negative bacteria and fungi to isolate large quantities of pure high-molecular-weight DNA. Our carefully designed process involves an inhibitor removal step that removes complex polysaccharides, bile salts and other contaminants from stool sample. An additional precipitation step also removes various PCR inhibitors, making your sample ready for downstream applications and metagenomics research.

Choose Magnetic Nanoparticle technology, Choose XpressDNA Stool kit for a streamlined, quick and high quality DNA extraction for your various research projects.

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