The MagnaStand consists of a base station and a tube holder moulded together. The tube holder can accommodate 12 microcentrifuge tubes. The base of the MagnaStand contains six rare-earth magnets, that comes in contact with the microcentrifuge tube when in-use.    


  • Capacity: 12 microcentrifuge tubes
  • Product size: 1 each
  • Storage & Shipping: Room temperature

Custom Order for protein immobilization on magnetic nanoparticles

Customer Information:

Note: Once the project enquiry is submitted, we will provide an appropriate quotation within 2-3 days. The completion of the project would take 5-7 days from the receipt of protein at our facility and will be shipped from here within that time frame. The specifications of the immobilized product will be

Product : XpressDNA Tissue/Cell line Kit

25 Reactions

Cat. No : 1404-TI-25

50 Reactions

Cat. No : 1404-TI-50


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