MagGreen DNA loading buffer 10x 5 ml


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  • 10X Gel Loading buffer contains a non-carcinogenic fluorescent dye along with an orange tracking dye
  • A replacement to EtBr
  • MagGreen dye can be visualized in blue light trans illuminator which replaces the use of UV
  • Sensitivity is 25 times greater than EtBr
  • Advantages
    • Eco friendly dye (Non-hazardous)
    • Dark room not required
    • Dye will not hinder any downstream applications such as gel elution and cloning
    • For real time visualization use “Blue light system” else normal gel documentation machine

    STORE: Storage at 4°C.

    Note: Add 1-2 µl of dye per µg of DNA. Once opened, stable for 6 months, if handled and stored at proper conditions


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