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XpressDNA Tissue/ Cell line Kit

The XpressDNA Tissue / Cell line Kit uses magnetic nano particles based technology to allow efficient and reliable extraction of genomic DNA from tissues and cell lines.

XpressDNA Tissue/Cell line Kit Advantages

• Fast and easy processing
• Standardized protocol for easy DNA extraction
• No phenol or chloroform
• No hazardous chemicals required
• High yield with minimum sample input
• High-quality DNA for downstream applications

Shipping Condition

The XpressDNA Tissue/Cell line Kit is shipped at room temperature and on arrival enzymes should be stored at 4ºC.

Storage Condition

The kit contains Proteinase K powder along with its respective dilution buffer. Customer has to disperse the Proteinase K in the given buffer. The enzymes (Proteinase K and RNase) has to be stored at 2 – 8°C. All other solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature.

Recommended amount of tissue for DNA Extraction

Muscle/Heart – 50 – 60 mg
Lungs/Liver/Spleen/Brain/Kidney – 10 – 15 mg
Mouse/Rat Tail – 25 – 30 mg
Human tumor tissues – < 10 mg
Cell density for cell line – 0.5*10 ⁶

XpressDNA Tissue/Cell line Kit Contents

• Tissue/ Cell line Lysis Buffer
• Proteinase K Buffer& Dilution Buffer
• RNase A Solution
• Tissue/ Cell line MagNa mix
• Tissue/ Cell line Wash buffer 1
• Tissue/ Cell line Wash buffer 2
• Tissue/ Cell line Elution buffer
• MagNa stand (optional)


Instruction Manual


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