XpressAffinity – Glutathione Beads 5ml


MagGenome’s GSH beads 

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Glutathione Beads 5ml, MagGenome’s GSH-MNP provides a fast and convenient method for affinity based magnetic purification of GST tagged proteins. GSH is immobilized on magnetic nanoparticles (size range: 10-20nm) using our novel patented technology. The product is provided as 10mg magnetic particles in 1 ml of 20% ethanol. Recommended storage temperature is 40C.


GSH-MNPs are used for the purification of GST-tagged fusion proteins expressed in bacteria, yeasts, insects and mammalian cell cultures. Using this magnetic resin, it is possible to purify the protein conveniently in a single step. The GST tag can then be cleaved in bound or eluted condition by specific proteases.

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