XpressDNA Blood Mini Kit 50 rxn


For 200-400ul of blood samples

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The XpressDNA Blood kit provides a simple and quick system to isolate high quality genomic DNA
from blood, whether fresh or aged. The XpressDNA technology provides an easy and flexible  Magnetic Nanoparticles based method that allows the extraction of high quantities of pure DNA as evident from the 260/280 ratio and the agarose gel electrophoresis. The purity ratio of DNA ranges from 1.75 – 1.8 (260/280) and 1.8 – 2.0 (260/230). DNA extracted using XpressDNA Blood kit is amenable for all downstream applications such as PCR, Real time PCR, Restriction digestion, Sanger sequencing and NGS. XpressDNA Blood kit guarantees extraction of high quality genomic DNA in better yields compared to other commercially available kits from a starting blood volume of 0.2 – 0.4ml. The kit can be used for extraction of DNA from:

 Fresh, frozen or aged blood
 Blood stored in different storage vials (EDTA, citrate, heparin and fluoride)
 Umbilical cord blood
 Blood clot

XpressDNA Blood Mini Kit Advantages

 Uses Magnetic Nanoparticle based technology for extraction
 High quality DNA obtained in less amount of time and very few centrifugation steps
 Gives good results even with blood clot/ aged blood/ blood spots
 The kit is compatible with any type of vacutainer (Citrate/EDTA/fluoride/heparin tubes)
 Amenable for various downstream processing like PCR and sequencing

XpressDNA Blood Mini Kit Contents:

• Blood Lysis Buffer -1
• Solution A
• Blood Lysis Buffer-2
• Blood MagNa mix
• Blood Wash Buffer-1
• Blood Wash Buffer-2
• Proteinase K Powder & Dilution Buffer
• Blood Elution buffer
• MagNa stand (optional)

Shipping Condition

The XpressDNA Blood Mini Kit is shipped at room temperature and on arrival enzymes should be stored at 4ºC.

Requirements (Reagents & Equipment)

Customer-Supplied Reagents and Equipment
 Benchtop microcentrifuge
 Water bath
 96-100 % ethanol
 Pipettes
 Microcentrifuge tubes
 Vortex

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