XpressDNA Plant Kit 250 rxn


For Various Plant species

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XpressDNA Plant kit ensures the quick and easy extraction of pure, contaminant-free DNA from various plant species and tissue types like leaf, seeds, stem, roots and other plant parts. DNA extraction from plant is highly challenging due the sample heterogeneity and presence of cellular components like polysaccharides, secondary metabolites like polyphenols, terpenoids, alkaloids etc. XpressDNA Plant kit makes use of patented magnetic nanoparticles-based technology for extraction of pure contaminant free genomic DNA from plants.


  • Pure contaminant free DNA
  • High quality DNA: A260/A28065 – 1.90
  • High yield ranging between 1μg – 23μg/100mg tissue
  • Universal kit for difficult plant parts like dry seeds, stem and roots
  • No phase separation in the process
  • No frequent centrifugations needed
  • Optional step of concentrating the DNA is achieved with same set of magnetic nanoparticles
  • Enables extraction of genomic DNA of size >50kb, suitable for NGS platforms like PacBio










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