XpressDNA Stool Kit – 50Rxn


XpressDNA Stool Kit – 50 rxn

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XpressDNA Stool Kit

The XpressDNA Stool kit uses our patented magnetic nanoparticles-based technology for DNA extraction that is quick, robust and ready for downstream PCR, sequencing, or other applications. Inhibitor removal step effectively removes complex polysacharides, bile salts and other contaminants in the stool sample. The new method effectively eliminates PCR inhibitors leaving high quality genomic DNA for downstream applications. The highly efficient inhibitor removal technology makes this the prime kit for metagenomics research projects.


  • High quality genomic DNA
  • High yield
  • Efficient removal of PCR inhibitors by precipitation
  • Recovery of high-purity, inhibitor free DNA compatible with common downstream applications such as qPCR and next-generation sequencing


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