XpressPure PCR Cleanup Kit – 50ml


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The XpressPure Beads is designed to recover or concentrate DNA fragments from PCR or other enzymatic reactions. Specific DNA fragment is bound to the surface of the magnetic nanoparticles and released using a buffer system. The XpressPure Beads PCR Cleanup- kit can be easily adapted to automated magnetic bead separation instruments and workstations. The purified DNA can be used in a variety of downstream applications.


  • High Yield: >90% recovery
  • High Quality DNA: A260/A280 = 1.6- 2.0
  • Magnetic Nanoparticle Size: ~ 10 nm
  • road Fragment Size Range: 100 bp–1.5 kb
  • Easily adapted to automated magnetic bead separation instruments and workstations
  • Sample: 10 µl to100 µl of PCR products
  • Manual or automated DNA isolation
  • Operation time: 25 minutes (manual)
  • Storage: room temperature (15-25ºC)

Materials Supplied

  • XpressPure MagNa mix
  • XpressPure Wash Buffer
  • XpressPure Elution buffer
  • MagNa stand (on request)

Comparison of XpressPure beads with PCR clean-up spin-column

Sample: PCR product of 1500bp; Rxn volume: 25 μl; Elution volume: 20μl

Comparison of XpressPure beads with Spin-column based method: purification of a PCR product with high molecular size


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