XpressRNA Viral Kit 1000 rxn


XpressRNA Viral Kit

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MagGenome’s XpressRNA Viral Kit designed for rapid and reliable isolation of total viral nucleic acids from oral and nasopharyngeal swabs soaked in virus transport media or other buffers. This kit is highly efficient in vIral nucleic acid isolation and the extracted RNA (and DNA) is suitable for direct use in most downstream applications such as onestep RT-qPCR, RT-PCR, PCR and nucleic acid amplification. The kit can be adaptable to majority of the liquid handling workstations in the market.


  • Highly Efficient¬†
  • No Centrifugation steps involved
  • Enzyme and solvent free
  • Time and Cost effective
  • More than 90% recovery
  • Amenable for automation like KingFisher, Opentron, ZYBIO and ALTA
  • Available in prefilled plates