XpressDNA Milk Kit


XpressDNA Milk Kit


Product Details

XpressDNA Milk kit is specially designed for the rapid isolation of genomic DNA from a wide variety of milk samples. High-Quality DNA extraction is based on our innovative patented magnetic nanoparticles-based technology. It is optimized for DNA purification from both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacterial cells and host DNA. Genomic DNA extracted from somatic cells and bacteria found in milk can be used in various applications. The isolated DNA can be used for the detection of biomarkers to diagnose a disease, following the diseases progress or monitor the effects of a particular treatment. Milk DNA can also be used to diagnose types of infections and population studies. The purified genomic DNA is fully digestible with all restriction enzymes tested and is completely compatible with downstream applications including PCR and NGS Sequence profiling.

XpressDNA Milk Kit Highlights

  • Easy and Fast protocol: obtain results in few minutes.
  • High-quality DNA obtained, ready-to-use in all downstream applications.
  • Safe and Convenient: avoids phenol/chloroform Extraction.
  • Efficient: from 500 µl (depending on the sample material amount and type).
  • Can process challenging samples such as mastitic milk.

XpressDNA Milk Kit – Contents

  • Milk Lysis Buffer
  • Proteinase K
  • Proteinase K Buffer
  • Milk MagNa Mix
  • Milk Wash Buffer 1
  • Milk Wash Buffer 2
  • Milk Elution Buffer
  • MagNa Stand (optional)

Shipping and Storage Condition

The XpressDNA Milk Kit is shipped at room temperature. The enzyme Proteinase K must be stored at 4°C. All other solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature.

Protocol_XpressDNA Milk Kit

MSDS_XpressDNA Milk Kit

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