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XpressDNA Tissue Mini Kit

The XpressDNA Tissue Mini Kit uses magnetic nanoparticles-based technology to allow efficient and reliable extraction of genomic DNA from fresh or frozen tissues without the need of centrifugation steps.

  • Standardized protocol for easy DNA extraction
  • High yields with minimum sample input
  • High quality DNA for downstream applications

About Us

MagGenome Technologies, headquartered in Cochin India, began operations in 2014. It was incubated in SciGenom Labs for a period of one year and is now a registered independent company from 2015.

As a startup, MagGenome is primarily focused on the development of magnetic nanoparticles based products. The current initiatives include developing nucleic acid extraction kits using our patented magnetic nanoparticles -based technology. The company has developed DNA extraction kits under the brand name “XpressDNA”. MagGenome will also focus on other applications of magnetic nanoparticles in near future for providing solutions in the areas of diagnostics, therapeutics and environmental remediation.

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Product : XpressDNA Tissue Mini Kit

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