XpressAutomag Tissue DNA Kit


XpressAutomag Tissue DNA Kit


Product Details

XpressAutomag Tissue DNA Kit is designed for optimal automated extraction of high-quality DNA from tissue with a starting volume of ≤20 mg with an approximate yield of ≥ 5 μg of DNA. The kit is well suitable for the instruments Kingfisher Flex, Zybio and Alta, it can process from 1-96 samples in a single run. The Kit provides patented magnetic nanoparticle-based DNA purification from different tissue samples. DNA extracted using XpressAutomag Tissue DNA Kit is amenable for all downstream applications such as PCR, Real-time PCR, restriction digestion, and sequencing applications. The kit can be easily adapted to automated magnetic – based separation instruments and workstations.

Product highlights

  • Isolate high-quality gDNA from fresh/ frozen/ or ethanol preserved mammalian tissues and cell lines.
  • Fast, reproducible, and easy processing using magnetic bead-based system
  • Recovered gDNA is compatible with various downstream applications
  • Quick Turn Around Time & Recommended for HLA, NGS & Microarray

Agarose gel image of tissue dna kit

Fig1: 1% Agarose gel electrophoresis profile of Genomic DNA from Tissue samples

(From 5mg sample to 20mg sample)

Protocol_XpressAutomag Tissue DNA Kit

MSDS_XpressAutomag Tissue DNA Kit

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