XpressRNA Plant kit


XpressRNA Plant kit


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XpressRNA Plant kit uses the patented magnetic nanoparticles based technology for the extraction of total RNA from heterogeneous plant sources like leaf, stem, germinated seed, flower, fruit and root. XpressRNA Plant kit focuses on the selective binding of RNA, over the contaminants like genomic DNA, polysaccharides, proteins and secondary metabolites like polyphenols.


  • High quality RNA with 260/280 and 260/230 ratios >1.9
  • Total yield 3-110μg RNA/100mg tissue
  • No phase separation 
  • Eliminates the use of hazardous organic solvents
  • No multiple centrifugation steps
  • Reagent storage and extraction performed at room temperature
  • Compatible with downstream applications like Reverse Transcription PCR, Northern Blotting, Next Generation Sequencing, Microarray

Kit components storage and shipment temperature

Kit Components Storage temperature
PRA Buffer RT
PRB Buffer RT
PRC Buffer RT
PR Magna Mix RT
PR Wash Buffer 1 RT
PR Wash Buffer 2 RT
PR Elution Buffer  RT
Magna stand (on request) RT

Agarose Gel profile of RNA extracted using XpressRNA Plant kit: RNA extracted from heterogeneous plant parts – Greengram & Foxtail Millet (Germinated seed); Ixora (flower, bud, stem, leaf); Brinjal & Garlic (leaf)


Agarose Gel profile of cDNA PCR
amplification using maturase K primer for selected samples:
1. Tomato fruit 2. Tomato leaf 3. Wheat leaf 4. Brinjal leaf 5. Foxtail
millet germinated seed 6. Turmeric leaf 7. Pepper leaf

Protocol_XpressRNA Plant kit

MSDS_XpressRNA Plant kit

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