Blood Pathogen Extraction Kit | XpressDNA Pathogen -Blood Kit 50rxn


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Blood Pathogen DNA Extraction Kit – XpressDNA Pathogen – Blood Kit 50Rxn

XpressDNA Pathogen kit – Description

XpressDNA Blood Pathogen DNA Extraction Kit allows the rapid and reliable isolation of high-quality DNA from a wide variety of fungi and gram positive and gram-negative bacterial species from samples like blood, culture media and other body fluids.  XpressDNA Pathogen kit is validated for extraction of DNA for downstream processing including PCR, RT PCR, restriction digestion, genotyping and NGS analysis including de novo genome sequencing.

XpressDNA Blood Pathogen DNA Extraction kit – Advantages

  • High Yield and Purity above 1.7
  • Reproducible isolation of high molecular weight gDNA 500bp-200Kbp.
  • Complete removal of Contaminants and Inhibitors.
  • Broad-range lysis of Gram-positive, Gram-negative bacteria and fungi
  • Buffers and reagents are contamination-free
  • 5 to 1 ml or 5 ml sample volumes
  • Easy and convenient protocol.
  • Ultrapure gDNA ready for all downstream applications

Storage Condition

The kit contains RNase A, Proteinase K powder which should be dissolved in Proteinase K buffer, prior to start of the experiment and should be stored at 2-8ºC once it is reconstituted. All other solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature.

Shipping Condition

The XpressDNA Pathogen – Blood Kit is shipped at room temperature and on arrival enzymes should be stored at 4ºC.

XpressDNA Pathogen Blood KitContents:

  • Lysis Buffer -1
  • Solution A
  • Lysis Buffer-2
  • MagNa mix
  • Wash Buffer-1
  • Wash Buffer-2
  • Proteinase K Powder & Dilution Buffer and RNase A
  • Elution buffer
  • MagNa stand (optional)


Instruction Manual
Reference Guide Pathogen Blood 2019


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