Saliva Collection Kit | MagStable DNA Saliva Collection Kit


Saliva DNA storage buffer for collection and transportation at room temperature.

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The MagStable saliva collection kit offers a simple and quick system to store saliva samples for long durations. The stored saliva samples can be used to isolate high quality genomic DNA. The MagStable technology provides an easy and reliable method to store saliva samples at room temperature for up to 12 months and beyond. DNA extracted by any manual or automated method using the saliva samples stored in MagStable kit is of high quality and is amenable for all downstream applications such as PCR, Real time PCR, Restriction digestion, Sanger sequencing and NGS. MagStable saliva collection kit guarantees better stability and high quality of DNA as compared to competitor kits.

The kit can be used for storage of various samples like:

  • Saliva
  • Sputum


  • Painless, non-invasive collection
  • Simple and convenient sample collection
  • Saliva samples are stable for long-term room temperature storage
  • High quality intact DNA can be obtained
  • Median A260/280 ratio of 1.7
  • Suitable for GSA, NGS and PCR applications

Storage Conditions

The kit contains Saliva collection buffer which is stable at room temperature. The kit is recommended to be stored at a cool and dry place; refrigeration is not required and not recommended.

Shipping Condition

The MagStable kit is shipped at room temperature

Warnings and precautions: Wash with water if the buffer comes in contact with eyes or skin.