Saliva DNA Extraction Kit | XpressDNA Saliva Kit 50 rxn


XpressDNA Saliva Kit 50rxn

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Saliva DNA Extraction Kit | XpressDNA Saliva kit 50Rxn

XpressDNA Saliva kit is based on a novel patented technology that uses bare magnetic nanoparticles. It allows the user to isolate high-quality genomic DNA from saliva samples with utmost purity. Using this kit, one can isolate DNA from fresh/preserved/stored samples. The purified DNA isolated with this rapid technique can serve its purpose in a wide variety of downstream applications such as PCR, Restriction digestion and Sequencing. Since this kit can be used to extract both host cells and the normal microbiota present in the individuals, it can be highly advantageous in metagenomics study.

Saliva is the most accessible and non-invasive source for extraction of human genomic DNA. The XpressDNA Saliva kit provides a simple, easy and efficient method to extract both host and bacterial DNA from saliva samples. The salivary DNA contains genomic DNA from buccal epithelial cells, WBCs and genomic DNA of the common microbiota of the individuals.


  • User friendly
  • High quality DNA from saliva samples can be obtained
  • Highly recommended for non-invasive clinical applications
  • Extraction of DNA from host cells as well as the microbiota present in individuals
  • Amenable for various downstream processing like PCR, Restriction digestion and sequencing
  • No Harsh chemicals are used

XpressDNA Saliva DNA Extraction Kit Contents

  • Saliva Stabilization Buffer
  • Saliva Lysis buffer
  • Proteinase K Powder & Dilution Buffer
  • RNAse A Solution
  • Saliva MagNa Mix
  • Saliva Wash buffer 1
  • Saliva Wash buffer 2
  • Saliva Elution buffer
  • MagNa stand (optional)

 Storage Condition

The kit contains Proteinase K powder along with its respective dilution buffer. Customer has to disperse the Proteinase K in the given buffer. The enzymes (Proteinase K and RNase) has to be stored at 2 – 8°C. All other solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature.

Shipping Condition

The XpressDNA Saliva Kit is shipped at room temperature and on arrival enzymes should be stored at 4ºC.


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