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Product Details

XpressPure NGS size selection and clean-up beads offer a simple and reliable selection of DNA libraries for different NGS workflows with high recovery comparable to kits available in the market. The system combines MagGenome’s proprietary chemistry involving reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of magnetic beads to selectively bind fragments of a specific size range (150-800 bp) and eliminate fragment sizes outside this range. XpressPure Size Select beads selectively bind DNA fragments of narrow size ranges based on different sample to bead ratios offering the customer accurate single or double-sided size selection, assuring a more consistent performance between experiments. The compatibility and performance of XpressPure Size Select beads were tested with different NGS library preparation kits with results comparable to the AMPure XP beads.

Product Highlight

  • Efficient clean up and single or double-sided size selection
  • Easy substitution into existing bead-based workflows
  • Consistent results across different experiments and users
  • Fast Magnetic response time and low viscosity
  • Automation friendly

Performance and Data

1.Comparison of library profiles from XpressPure and AMPure XP size selection beads

Figure1: Tape station profile of final libraries having expected size distribution of 400-500bp. Libraries were prepared from 300bp Covaris DNA fragments using NEB Next Ultra DNA Library kit (cat#E7370L). AMPure XP beads used in the kit protocol was substituted with XpressPure Size Select beads for a head-to-head comparison of the performance.

2.Reproducibility across multiple experiments:

Figure 2: XpressPure Size Select Bead showed consistent yield and library size distributions across different experiments. Tape station profile of final library (400bp-500bp) prepared from 300 bp Covaris DNA fragments using NEB Next Ultra DNA Library kit (cat#E7370L).

3.XpressPure performs optimally when used at (1.8x) bead to library ratio.

Figure3: Tape station profile showing XpressPure Size Select bead capture efficiency of Covaris DNA fragment (200 bp) using 1.8x sample to bead ratio ensuring the optimal performance of the bead in this ratio (as recommended by AMPure XP).

Materials supplied

  • XpressPure Size Select Beads
  • XpressPure Elution Buffer

Materials supplied by the User

  • Fresh 80% ethanol (Fresh 80% ethanol should be prepared for optimal results).
  • Magnetic stand
  • Single or multichannel pipettes and tips
  • NGS library preparation kits from any vendor

Handling Recommendations

  • Store beads at 40C.
  • Store elution buffer at room temperature.
  • Vortex the beads thoroughly before use.
  • Allow enough time for beads to come to room temperature before use.

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