Pfu DNA Polymerase


Pfu DNA Polymerase


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Pfu DNA polymerase, derived from the hyperthermophilic archae Pyrococcus furiosus, has superior thermostability and proofreading properties compared to other thermostable polymerases. It can amplify DNA target up to 2 kb (simple template). The elongation velocity is 1kb/min (70-75°C). Pfu DNA polymerase possesses 3′ to 5′ exonuclease proofreading activity that enables the polymerase to correct nucleotide-misincorporation errors. PCR reactions results in blunt-ended PCR products, which are ideal for cloning into blunt-ended vectors.


  • Pfu DNA Polymerase
  • 10X Pfu Buffer (Mg2+)
  • 6X Loading Dye

Ordering Information

Cat# Units Strength Volume
PE1604 250U 5U/µl 50 µl
PE1605 500U 5U/µl 100 µl
PE1606 1000U 5U/µl 200 µl

Shipping & Storage Conditions

Pfu DNA polymerase must be shipped and stored at -20°C

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